Ways to attract top talent to your role

Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” – Stephen King

They say money makes the world go round, but for many candidates, salary is not the only factor considered when accepting a job offer. While incentives used to be limited to popular perks such as stock options and mortgage allowances, candidates are now looking for a wider range of benefits that the organisation can provide for their employees.

Perceptive HR departments know that recruitment is an ongoing process that does not necessarily begin or end with an online job posting. Instead of casting the usual net and limiting their search to individuals who possess all the “right” skills and bullet points, organizations and brands are now trying to connect with people who fit their company culture more broadly.

In the modern digital age, talent acquisition has become a highly competitive exercise. Using traditional techniques might leave companies struggling to fill vacant positions because most suitable candidates are looking beyond generic job boards. The increasing technological climate with evolving digital disruption requires companies to utilize an advanced approach for an effective hiring process.

Many companies nowadays need to position themselves as an ideal employer for national and international talent. Although every candidate will differ in what they look for within an organization, there are a few things every business can do to appeal to the type of candidate they are seeking and sustainably tap into qualified and diverse pool of talent.


1. Company Culture

Having the right company culture in a world full of competition can make all the difference when it comes to making your company stand out as a more marketable brand for the right type of potential candidates. Today’s generation of prospective employees believes in maintaining the work-life balance. Life is no longer just about work but also about balancing the work through fun and rest. Studies have shown that before applying for a job, the potential candidate should research about the organisation’s work culture and tend to go for businesses that are diverse and have an interactive work culture including opportunities for flexible working hours, team gatherings, casual dress codes and other softer perks. After all one must create the kind of workplace and company culture that will attract great talent. If you hire brilliant people, they will make work feel more like play.

So, as a business, it can start the gradual change of it’s company culture addressing and implementing the concept of people-first and diversity targeting. Employers who take true measures to ensure information is disseminated within the company, and transparency is seen even to job seekers, will have more success in their recruitment efforts.


2. Introduce an employee referral program

In 2020 and the years to come, employee referral programs should finally get the credit they deserve. This underused hiring tool is the secret weapon of many recruiters across industries. By using one of these programs, you will be able to reap the benefits such as lower turnover rates, better quality hires, shorter time to hire, shorter onboarding and less money spent on hiring. Unlike employer branding, setting up a quality employee referral program does not cost much, and you can get the results fairly quickly. Initiating an employee referral program along with providing referral incentives to your current employees helps the organization to financially motivate their employees and at same tome market themselves to refer stellar candidates, thus making this program a mutually beneficial setup.


3. Smart Advertising

One of the smart advertising tips are linked to the resources you already have – your employees. When you initiate the employee referral program, your employees now become your brand ambassadors as well. This helps in saving money on adverts and using staff to create and distribute their experience working for your brand as one of the greatest assets thus, attracting the right talents. Other tips include identifying the target demographic and host open houses or networking sessions to meet them. Instead of getting lost in the digital world of adverts, go for a unique yet eye-catching billboard that represents not only your brand but also your work culture.

These are just a few tips to get you started, as hiring the right talent is an ever-lasting process that keeps evolving with time and changing based on circumstances. But the conclusion can be drawn that the organizations need to be as proactive as job seekers to tap into the right talent pool.


ABL Recruitment team