Six common LinkedIn mistakes to avoid

Millions of job seekers use LinkedIn every week to complement other job search activities such as partnering with a trustworthy recruitment expert. At the very least, this mighty networking platform provides a good sense of how roles and industries are evolving as well as market rates.


If you’d like relevant recruiters to find you on LinkedIn, and be impressed by your profile, you’ll need to avoid 12 common mistakes. For the full list, please visit The Reader’s Digest. Alternatively, take a quick stroll through our summary of the first six tips listed.


  1. Don’t forget your profile picture. Your photo is your virtual handshake so upload one in which you appear professional and approachable. Job seekers who include a profile photo receive up to 21 times more profile views.
  2. Don’t be too brief about your work history. Your LinkedIn profile will be viewed up to 29 times more often if you list more than one prior position. Visual aids boost interest so, if possible, use pictures, video clips and presentations to showcase your experience and achievements.
  3. Don’t hide your skills. When writing about your past jobs, charity projects and schooling, consider every experience in terms of the skills you gained. Highlight at least five skills that are relevant to your current job search repeatedly to boost your chances of being found by your target recruiters.
  4. Don’t neglect to customise your public profile URL to reflect your role, industry and/or location. Otherwise, LinkedIn will automatically generate a random combination of letters and numbers instead.
  5. Don’t forget to sprinkle your summary with your carefully-chosen keywords and valuable skills, without making the text sound unnatural. This will dramatically improve the chances of your profile showing up in relevant role searches.
  6. Don’t ignore your profile. Keep it up-to-date in terms of your experiences, skills and aspirations. This will put you in the strongest positions to be found by not only recruiters but also potential business partners and mentors.


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