Mindfulness is a practice that helps you maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and the surrounding environment. This can be done through simple seated, walking, standing and moving meditation. It’s a great way to centre yourself that gives you a short break in particularly stressful times.

Mindfulness is a quality that every human possesses, so it is something we can quickly put into practice, particularly when we’re feeling overwhelmed with things we cannot control. All we have to do is learn how to access it.

During particularly challenging times, it is essential for us all to take a few moments to ourselves to reflect and separate the anxieties we might be feeling.

Meditations can be modified to suit your individual situation, and we highly recommend you treat yourself to this experience as it can be truly life-transforming! The best part is that mindfulness can be incorporated into any part of your daily routine, though we advise you do this as part of a short regular break to give yourself time to take everything in.

Mindfulness can be done by using a video/audio aid. For example, there are plenty of free apps or videos on youtube you can use where a guide instructs you on what to do. If you would prefer to do as much of it on your own as possible, all you need are the basic techniques, and you’re good to go.


First, you start with bringing awareness to your senses, for example, how does your clothing feel on your body, what is your exposed skin touching, what sounds can you hear? Start building up your inner and outer consciousness.

Take note of how you use your senses to help you keep aware of the moment, be present during your meditation.

Now use your body, bring your focus on to rest on the sensation of your hands and legs moving if you’re up and standing, or how they feel as you are sitting/laid down. Move slightly, take note of the sensations you’re feeling. How does the fabric feel against your skin this time? Have you made any new observations?

Whenever you find your mind wandering elsewhere, acknowledge it and bring it back. Remember mindfulness takes as long or is as quick as you need it to be. Keep your mind focused on your senses, but don’t force yourself to keep it there. 

Continue to be aware of your surroundings, the small noises, the feeling, your breathing. This will help you gain the practice of eliminating specific stressors and prioritising the need of keeping your mind calm regardless.

The basic mindfulness techniques will help you practice eliminating specific stressors and allows your mind to have space to prioritise and calm yourself. Though for some people who live a fast-paced life, it may seem boring, if you give this technique a try, we can assure you that it will make a huge difference. While it’s easy to get busy and not have the time for self-awareness, it can be quite a self-defeating attitude to have. Your wellness and mental health should become the priority, meaning that, building the awareness is part of mindfulness. By practicing it and including it in your daily routine, you are paving the way in recognising and then gradually breaking through your limitations.

Give mindfulness a go and see if it can change your attitude and feelings through these challenging times.

ABL Recruitment team