5 tips to help your team stay productive

Keeping the momentum going right now can be quite tough. As a recruitment agency, we want to help you and your people overcome motivational and productivity problems while working at home.



So how can we keep our spirits up while we’re experiencing the unique challenges that COVID-19 has faced us with?



Here are 5 tips which will improve productivity and the mood in your company:

  • Look at the small details. They will make a big difference. If your employees are struggling to concentrate, think about why they’re being distracted? Is their space appropriate for their work? Should they consider relocating to another part of their home?


  • Are they the type of person who prefers to have background noise? If so, suggest they try Focus@will music, neurologically optimised music which helps boost productivity. Click here for more details on that.


  • Setting boundaries is important when living with others, it can be hard to focus efforts on work. Make rules for when they can and cannot take breaks, ask them to keep personal tasks to the end of their workday. If they live with others, make it clear that they should not be disturbed during certain times.


  • Some of us can be quite indulgent, and this means that bribing can work a treat (ha ha). Have they completed a big task? Treat them! Give them that motivation to keep pushing. For example, offer them a Deliveroo voucher once they finish a big project on time. Morale will improve massively!


  • Remember that work isn’t a punishment, and you’re not naughty kids who are trying to complete homework. You all do actually enjoy your job (or at least we hope you do – if not…consider giving us a call – #shamelessplug). The satisfaction of completing tasks is great, so use that high to spur you and your employees on to the next one, and the next one, until you’re finished for the day.


And a bonus point:

  • Keeping the momentum going during tough times can make a difference to the outlook of the workday and personal time. While it may be difficult to always try to foster positivity, it’s crucial you allow yourself and your team the time to relax and mentally unwind too.


ABL Recruitment team

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