The big, big conundrum recruiters have to deal with every day

Traditional recruitment is an outdated practice.


It is expensive, a hassle and time consuming. Talent has become spread around the country, having left cities, and changing jobs at the click of a button. How can recruiters keep up with the pace at which the jobs market is changing? In fact, 41% of employers in the EU believe time-saving while sourcing talent is a big challenge according to a major study by Deloitte.


This process is severely burdened by manual processes that should have been left in the last century. On average each corporate job attracts 250 resumes. This is great as there is a large talent pool to choose from, isn’t it?


Absolutely not.


These candidates have to be filtered through. And most of the time this is done manually, taking a huge chunk of time and therefore money which could be spent elsewhere in your business.


And then there’s the diverse range of platforms, apps, employment sites and social media where candidates spend their day.


How does a company strategically and efficiently reach their ideal candidate, and on which social media/website/app? The answer again is manually crawling datasets…


Hang on. Stop. No need for all that.


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