Good things happening in the world right now

“The only constant in life is change.”

As we are settling down for the sixth week of lockdown and depressing isolation, it feels like our world is turning into dystopia. Everything is so grim and uncertain that people are trying to stay away from those prime time news channels that once had so many news and debates going on over trivial matters, the reason being one can only get updates on how many people are now COVID positive, how the economy is crashing, job loss and fatalities. So, people turned to comedy to get some laugh. But how long can you recycle the same jokes and memes with no original content?

There are a whole bunch of incredible people doing really awesome things out and around in the world providing us with the much-needed reminder that everything is not lost. So, instead of the list of problems, how about we discuss some weirdly spectacular things that are happening in the world right now?


1. Air Quality Improves

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced factories and companies to temporarily close facilities in many parts of the world to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus, thousands of people were forced to stop working from office and travelling. As the world went into a partial lockdown, scientists were surprised that the global health issue caused positive changes in the environment.

Stricter quarantines and travel restrictions helped reduce air pollution in major cities, mainly in India, China and Italy. NASA has also released new satellite images that showed improved air quality across those countries, which have been heavily affected by the novel coronavirus.

Researchers said that travel restrictions reduced air, train and road traffic as well as emissions. The sudden lack of presence of tourists in many areas also helped clear up the canal water in Venice and allow wildlife in Thailand and Japan to roam streets. Thus, as pollution is dropping rapidly worldwide, wildlife is returning to areas long forgone.


2. Community Spirit

As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on a global scale, shutting down workplaces, markets and all other social places, people, though isolated by walls, still came together from their homes in their native countries to unite together and combat this deadly virus.

They came together to cheer and motivate our frontline warriors, to volunteer for telephone befriending services, to help the elderly by providing the services while e-commerce was shut. All in all, irrespective of colour, race, nationality, language, every individual stands together as a community to provide strength to the warriors and the hope to get through these uncertain times.


3. The Family Time

With kids and parent(s) at home instead of leaving for office or work or school, families are now able to spend the long-required quality time together. Families not only include their spouse and kids but also their parents.

Yes, the balancing act for parents having to help children home-school and work a full-time job can be tricky, but spending less time commuting adds more time to be able to spend together.

Parents are spending time with their kids helping them build the right character, habits and attitude to deal with whatever life brings along. This also proved to be the perfect time to help the kids and teenagers understand the value of money.

With the impressive technology, it is not only just your immediate family but also relative that you can connect with, have video chats arrange a virtual game room to play Tambola or Uno with the entire family and have fun. After all, you do not have any more excuses to keep you away from them.


4. Prepare for the future

Now is the time to invest in yourself and your personal development. Re-skill yourself and learn some new skills that will help you expand your future job choices. Keep learning and updating your competency to avoid becoming redundant for a longer time. Pick up your kindle or some books and start reading to keep up the positivity in your life and to build the right thinking and investing mindset.


These few amazing things happened during COVID-19 which probably would help you see the slightly bright side of this pandemic.


ABL Recruitment team