How to shine on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is hands down the largest business networking platform in the world. So if you’re looking for new customers, fishing for a job, or want to build your professional network, you need to be there. No question.


Whatever the stage of your LinkedIn journey, there’s always more to be done to ensure the right people find you and that they’re impressed by what they see. We are pleased to share some of our pearls of wisdom on the subject with you today. Combined with some golden nuggets plucked from a recent article in The Economist, you can expect an enlightening read!


  1. First up, you’ll need to develop a killer profile that impresses everyone who e-meets you. Choose a professional photo in which you look friendly and approachable. Put some thought into four or five keywords that showcase the skills and expertise you wish to be known for. Pepper the text with these keywords while making sure that the text still flows naturally.


Include your priority keyword(s) in the subtitle beneath your name and in the summary section. The latter should be an interesting, compelling, persuasive read that showcases your experience, skills, and strengths. Ask your happy customers and colleagues for recommendations to make your LinkedIn profile really stand out.


Note: if you’re a job seeker, make sure to include your location in the headline beneath your name. If you’re looking for remote opportunities, also flag this in the headline. Promote related skills and personal attributes in your summary section, e.g., excellent communication and organisation skills.


  1. Next up, you’ll need to build a network of at least 500 connections to be taken seriously. That said, always favour quality over quantity. Only connect with people who are (directly or indirectly) relevant to your business, industry, or role. Think beyond your business contacts and dream employers to include complementary partners, colleagues (former and current), and friends from school and university. Add in relevant new contacts as you meet them.


Make a list of target companies and individuals. Invite them to connect with you via a personalised message. If you’d prefer them to recognise you before you send the message, engage with their posts and conversations before making contact.


The article recommends contacting everyone at your target companies – the more senior, the better. If a CEO happens to accept, you have struck networking gold! His/her connections will take you more seriously and your network ‘will explode’. Golly!


  1. Flaunt your every work success, posting about awards you’ve won, training courses you’ve completed, and conferences or exhibitions you’ve attended. Usually, a simple photo with a one-line commentary will be enough to remind your contacts what an accomplished, expert you are. Tick!
  2. Work the crowd! Make a point of sharing interesting, relevant articles, TED talks, white papers, and posts with your network. Ideally, 20% of these will be published by you or your company. The remaining 80% sets you up as an independent, helpful expert without taking up much of your time.


There is, quite literally, a world of opportunity out there for LinkedIn members. Whatever your reason for wanting to work this particular room, ABL Recruitment wishes you every success! If your goal is to find your next dream job, please get in touch. As the UK’s leading multilingual recruitment agency, we will give you useful pointers on how to make your LinkedIn profile, CV, and interview chat shine! We’ll serve up great-fit job opportunities to you that you may never otherwise get to hear about. Please get in touch at or on 020 7092 3911 today!