Fun and educational activities you can do with kids

With the onset of the year 2020, instead of the flying cars and huge technological developments as depicted in almost all the TV cartoons, we ended up with the deadly COVID-19 pandemic outbreak creating havoc. It did bring a sudden global change, but it was an unwelcome change as life, as we know, came to an abrupt halt. The norms no longer remain norms but have become exceptions.

Now, it is almost more than a month since we have been in lockdown in the UK and while it is not easy keeping the children entertained at the best of times while working productively when everyone is restricted to the house, things can be a little more tricky and challenging.

At the point when your kids are at home, you are their teacher and a friend. Be that as it may, everything does not need to feel like a classroom or tuition exercise. Get your children amped up for finding something new by disguising the learning exercises as a fun time. Attempt these drawing in and viable exercises that you can do at home.


1. Weekly Wins

The concept of weekly wins will turn into a useful yet fun activity for children and the entire family attempting to keep their heads above water during COVID-19. This family activity includes making journals and recording when something good happens or when somebody achieves their goals. This also helps the children in keeping a log of their daily activities and accomplishments.

People involved in the activity should come up with three “Wins” and think about the workings of the event with an aim to replicate the best ones. The weekly wins activities camouflage the reading, writing and maintaining a journal skill beautifully with the enjoyable project that has kids looking forward to turning their daily tasks into something productive.


2. Cooking

Show your children a few skills in the kitchen or become familiar with a couple of new tricks yourself for them to enjoy. The primary thing about cooking is that it is an incredibly fun activity yet, in addition, an opportunity to ingrain a couple of healthy and sound tips into your family’s eating habits and lifestyle.

Rather than going for the more customary and traditional sweet tidbits, why not try out some homemade pizza utilizing natural wholemeal flour? Toss some wheatgerm into the batter and blend, mush and beat it into shape, and afterwards, you can leave it in the stove with any toppings you like varying from asparagus with mushrooms to sweetcorn. Or on the other hand, to keep things simple and straightforward, why not simply make some popcorn?

There are a lot of different recipes to give it a shot, of course. For starters, the Green Kitchen application is really unmatchable. This one has all manner of healthy and ultra-delicious recipes for you to try with your family. Though it comes at a little cost, however for recipes like the immune-boosting turmeric lassi the small price is completely justified, despite all the trouble. Green Kitchen has also developed and made available to the public a nutritious dessert application, so you can truly add some oomph factor to your meals while laying off excessive calories at the same time.


3. Pen letters to your future self

As a parent, you can encourage your kids to practice their writing skills which they will enjoy for sure. You can bring out pencils and postcards for your kids to pen a message to their future selves. You or your partner, whoever is organizing the game should set out precisely how far the messages will go into the future, after which they may read out each other’s letter or postcard. To make it more interesting, you can actually have them put those in a treasure chest or a simple shoebox and the cards should remain in a sheltered spot until the assigned “future” moment that they can read them out to their future family or reminisce over their past memories.

These simple yet fun activities are a mixture of fun and educational activities to enjoy during this lockdown and also keep your family entertained other than being glued to television and video-games.


ABL Recruitment team