10 ways the internet has made us laugh through lockdown


While the world is living through scary, uncertain times with the COVID-19 taking over the globe; the internet has now grown stronger and is providing the coping mechanism of comedy to get us through this lockdown.

When the fabric of our very existence was altered by this global outbreak in one fell swoop with workplaces, markets, movies, pubs and every notion of human interaction being shut down and the homo sapiens, superior of all beings, forced to retreat into their own abode in isolation; we have historically turned towards humanity’s free coping strategy, which is comedy.

So, we bring you a list of the jokes, memes and tweets that have somehow been able to remain funny in this crazy, unprecedented time.


1. ‘Not Shaking Hands…’

“Some people aren’t shaking hands because of Coronavirus. I’m not shaking hands because everyone is out of toilet paper. #COVID2019 #toiletpapercrisis”

This tweet gives the real reason why you are not supposed to shake hands during this specific crisis


2. ‘What’s the plan today’

“What are you up to today”


3. Jesus 2.0

Even Jesus is adapting to this lockdown and the work from home policy.


4. This Year doesn’t count!

“I’m not counting this year towards my age.” – @chaliemcdowell


5. Hungry Puppet

6. The CORONA Fairytale

“so you’re tellin me Rapunzel was in quarantine all her life cause her mom was hiding her from CORONA”


7. The parent-teacher swap


8. How every day feels


9. Keeping up with your daily routine


10. Singing outdated

In the words of the great James Blunt…


Well, these are just a few jokes to tickle your funny bones. We hope they managed to make, even this small pocket of your day seem a little brighter!


ABL Recruitment team