Top 10 Languages Spoken by Internet Users

As more and more people around the world use the Internet, it’s no surprise that the diversity of languages on the web increases.

The variety of languages spoken by Internet users means that corporate websites hoping to reach a broad audience will have to translate their websites into multiple languages.

Depending on the target audience and the scope of the website’s audience, a website might be translated into just one other language: An English-language website geared at US audiences might translate content only into Spanish, for example, while a Canadian website would do well to translate its content into French. A website targeting European consumers, however, will likely want translations into multiple languages, such as French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Sometimes simply translating website content into another language isn’t enough. For many markets,localisation is an essential aspect of website translation, allowing you to reach specific audiences that speak different flavors of the same language. There are different types of Spanish around the world, for example, and the Portuguese spoken in Brazil versus that spoken in Portugal are not identical.

With this in mind, a look at the top ten languages spoken by web users can help businesses and individuals decide where to focus their website translation efforts.

10. Korean

According to data gathered byInternet World Stats, as of 2010 the tenth most common language among web users is Korean, with 39.4 million users.

9. Russian

Next on the list of most commonly-used languages by Internet surfers is Russian, with 59.7 million users.

8. French

With 59.8 million users, the French languages is eighth among the most popular web languages.

7. Arabic

Arabic has 65.4 million users, making it the seventh most common language found among Internet users.

6. German

The German language claims 76.2 million users on the Internet.

5. Portuguese

Portuguese may seem like a bit of a dark horse in the race for the most users of a language on the Internet, but it manages to come in fifth, with a whopping 82.5 million.

4. Japanese

Japanese has 99.1 million users on the Internet, just missing out on a top-three spot in the ranking of the most common web languages.

3. Spanish

Spanish is spoken all over the world, so it’s not a surprise that the language makes it into the top three of this list. There are 153.3 million Spanish speakers on the Internet.

2. Chinese

China has the highest population of any single country in the world, so it makes sense that the Chinese language would rank high among Internet languages, with 444.9 million users.

1. English

English still retains the number one spot in the most commonly used Internet languages, with 536.6 million users, compared to 495.8 million users as of last year’s statistics.

Taken from Accredited: 29.08.11