The industries looking for workers right now

“It is all about finding the calm in the chaos.”

There is a lot of uncertainty around work right now with the COVID-19 pandemic—especially if you are a job seeker still trying to make progress in your search or if you have just been laid off. But a lot of companies are still hiring during this coronavirus crisis—and they need to fill essential roles more than ever. From account manager at Unilever to content strategist at Clearlink, there are a variety of roles and opportunities available in a mix of industries—not only in the grocery and healthcare spaces, though there are plenty of roles there, too.

This swift change in businesses’ daily operations due to the sudden economic crash does not have to mean that “no one is hiring.” In fact, no matter what economy we are in, one thing is always certain, and that is that there are still companies recruiting, some are even increasing their need for new employees. This pandemic job insecurity comes with a silver lining: It is better to see the hatchet now rather than later, because your chances of landing a new gig are higher right now, at least in certain industries.

If you have been made redundant and are looking for a job but your usual sector has dried up, it might be worth considering venturing into a new area. According to research by Metro, topping the list is customer service, with 5,252 jobs currently available. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the runner-up is nursing; if you are a trained nurse, then there are 4,639 opportunities out there for you. Nurses looking for an hourly gig could apply for the bank staff nurse role at The London Clinic, landing an hourly wage of anywhere from £19.99 to £50.79.

The four businesses and industries currently hiring in the midst of the coronavirus crisis are pharmacies, teleworking software, grocery stores and tech support.

The data looks at the number of job searches made on the CV-Library site between 16th-22nd March and compares this with figures from the week of 9th-15th March. According to the data, job searches are up by 16.7% in the month of April alone, with key industries witnessing even bigger hikes, warehousing is up by 132%, retail by 127.8%, transportation by 76.2%, administration by 60.2% and healthcare by 19.5%.

Sites such as CV-Library and Indeed are going above and beyond to support businesses that are recruiting, and their data should provide some respite to the thousands of organizations that are struggling to hire right now; particularly within the in-demand roles such as delivery drivers (up by 221.9%), electrician (up by 118%), driver (up by 98.2%), labourer (up by 63%), project manager (up by 33.2%), site manager (up by 27.2%), cleaner (up by 13.7%), retail assistant (up by 13.3%), administrator (up by 7.6%) and warehouse operative (up by 6.9%).

Fruit pickers are also in high demand with British Summer Fruits having hundreds of vacancies, if you’re interested in this sort of role, apply here.

Other sources like the Sun published that, there are about 150 vacancies for drivers and logistics specialists as per Ambitions Personnel. You can contact their nearest branch here or call 02034 781905. As per specialist ventilator recruitment provider VHR, if you have experience in manufacturing, design and specification, rapid prototyping, product assembly, production, or logistics, please send your CV to or call 0207 500 7980.

Similarly, ABL recruitment specializes in work placements, both permanent and temporary, for office-based staff, meaning, accountants, admin staff, sales etc, you can contact us here.

So, job seekers, do not give up hope. After all, every dark cloud has a silver lining and that is what we should be focusing on as of now.


ABL Recruitment team