HR policies that boost company morale

Employee morale is a key component of employee engagement. Employees with high morale are more likely to be motivated and productive and to stay longer. Conversely, low morale can drain individuals, teams and even entire organisations of their will to work, leading to high staff turnover.

If your company could do with a morale boost, feast your eyes on the advice of 15 members of Forbes Human Resources Council, as published here or skip straight to the highlights below.


  1. Inviting staff to informal coffee meetings during the working week creates a sense of belonging, trust and understanding. It also presents a great opportunity for bonding and cross-team idea generation. Distributing free lunches in the boardroom or restaurant gift cards along with instructions to eat with a colleague you don’t know well are also effective to this end.


  1. Embracing flexibility based on the day-to-day requirements of staff is an effective tool for boosting morale, promoting productivity, and retaining talent.



  1. Hosting development conversations for employees looking for growth opportunities, either in their current role or as part of a side-way step, is strongly advised.



  1. Unlimited personal time off (PTO) helps employees to feel supported particularly as they juggle childcare responsibilities during school holidays. Similarly, free Fridays for staff with lots of holidays to use up show employees that your organisation genuinely cares about their well-being.


  1. Take the time to get to know your co-workers properly. Show them repeatedly that you are on their side, like a family member. Recognise their work anniversaries and publicly celebrate their achievements.



  1. Ambassadorship programmes that teach employees how to be their best selves, build their personal brand and be catalysts for allyship and cultural change also improve engagement.


  1. Offering employees, the opportunity for a one-on-one talk with any member of leadership once a month is a great way to make staff feel valued and boost morale. Amazing ideas can arise from such exchanges, and it also helps leadership to stay connected to the everyday reality of employees.



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