Ideas and inspiration to support Red Nose Day 2022

Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day is set to irrupt back onto our screens on 18th of March and the nation is, as always, looking forward to a truly great evening of entertainment. We can show our support for the charity’s work in tackling child homelessness, hunger, domestic abuse and mental health stigma by donating. Or we can take things a step further, and organise company fundraising events ourselves.


Here are just some ideas to whet your appetite:


– Set up a stall (or trolley) with your favourite treats and sell them to your colleagues.


– Donate to dress up (or down) in your workplace. Choose a theme or just go red for the day with a Red Nose and official T-shirt.


– Run a raffle or a sweepstake, or organise a tea-break quiz in the boardroom.


– Hold your own Red Nose and Spoon event in your local park at lunchtime. The only rule is: don’t drop that Nose!


– Take on a team challenge and get sponsored to walk, run, cycle or pogo stick your way to the finishing line. If you’re feeling brave, shake things up with a dance-a-thon or a spot of line-dancing!


– Get creative. From head shaving to eyebrow dyeing, this is your chance to be as zany as you dare.


Register here for a free fundraising pack that’s jam-packed with ideas, fundraising resources and top tips to help make this Red Nose Day bigger, better and redder than ever before.


Whatever the shape of your Red Nose Day, enjoy the ride and the show! ABL, your trusted recruitment partners, wishes you an evening of excellent viewing, generous donating and fun fundraising!