The incredible power of the post-interview thank you note

Just had a great interview for your dream job? Feeling excited about the role and daring to hope your enthusiasm is reciprocated? Great! So now what? What can you do to ensure that your interviewer keeps you front of mind as they meet the other, equally qualified candidates?


Behold the might of the post-interview thank you note! Not only does sending one show good business etiquette but it’s also a great opportunity to remind your interviewer how keen, capable, qualified, and nice you are. A well-written thank you note could be all that’s required to get your application over the finish line. So it’s worth putting some serious thought into what you say.


To help you pen your powerful note, please see our top tips below.

Your email should be brief (no more than three or four paragraphs, please), sincere, appreciative, and prompt (sent ideally within 24 hours of your interview). If you were interviewed by more than one person, take the time to send a note to each of them, even if you have to research their email addresses.

Make sure you spell the person’s name correctly. If they asked you to call them an abbreviated form of their name – e.g., Alex rather than Alexander – use that abbreviated form in your note.

In terms of content, first, thank the person for their time and consideration. Then move on to a brief reminder of why you’re so excited about the possibility of working at their company, and what you bring to the table. All the better if you allude to a detail that they mentioned during your interview. End with an invitation to get in contact if they need any more information to help progress things. Include your mobile number in your email sign-off.

Note that typos, requests that generate more work for your interviewer, and long, rambling emails are a big no-no in the world of thank-you notes.


By way of examples of great thank you letters, and to further explore the topic, please visit the Harvard Business Review and Business News Daily.


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