How an 86-year-old Language Tutor stopped the Japanese Bullet Train with her bare hands

It’s true! Last November, 86-year-old multilingual language tutor Mrs. Suki Suzuki Honda Kawasaki of Fukuoka hit the headlines worldwide. She’d achieved something no other person in history had managed to do: bring the Shinkansen Bullet Train in Japan (en route from Tokyo to Osaka at an astonishing 361 miles-per-hour) to a sudden screeching halt after almost ripping the emergency stop cord from its casing.

A Language Tutor on a Mission

As well as permanently deafening hundreds of local birds and other wildlife, Mrs. Kawasaki caused injuries to 226 passengers, including: 78 broken necks, 62 dislocated limbs, 56 cases of whiplash, and a truly horrific eye injury in carriage 16 where a nun’s false teeth flew out and lodged in the eye-socket of popular Yamagata burger bar owner Hirohito ‘that’s one in the eye for McDonald’s’ Nagasaki.

Mrs. Kawasaki’s motive for her actions?

In carriage 11, whilst surfing the Internet on her laptop looking for a well-paid and exciting language tutoring job in London, Mrs. Kawasaki suddenly came across the Appointments Bi-Language website and was astonished by the language tutoring opportunities available there.

Within 36 hours of pulling that emergency cord, Mrs. Kawasaki dramatically appeared outside our London office, enthusiastically smiling, immaculate in a business suit, CV in hand, and waiting eagerly for one of our friendly and dedicated staff members to open up.

Was she hired on the spot?

Not quite. Why? Because determination and enthusiasm is great, but when it comes to hiring language tutors of the highest calibre, Appointments Bi-Language look for more than that from applicants, much more…

A Language Tutor for Just About EVERY Language

Appointments Bi-Language increasingly supplies freelance and permanent language tutors to companies throughout the UK.

We cover over 300 languages including teachers of Mandarin and Korean, to the more obvious European languages.

All our language tutors are experienced, qualified, and to mother-tongue standard, and are only selected for employment after going through a rigorous screening process which includes:

1. Face-to-face interviews

2. Checking of all work-related documents

3. Education qualification checks

4. Reference checks and previous employment verification

First-Class Language Tutors Out There, Get in Touch!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a language tutor with Appointments Bi-Language, and you are happy to teach small business groups and/or high level individuals seeking to improve their language skills, then please get in touch. Mrs. Kawasaki did, and was successful in her application, but, sadly, she was forced to return to Fukuoka in mid-January after consistently complaining to clients that the London Underground trains were ‘too slow, too slow’.

How did we react to this intolerable behaviour?

We gave her the bullet!

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