Five lessons from the HR industry in 2022

The pandemic transformed the way we work and raised the profile of HR professionals in the process. It’s served up many valuable lessons that will continue to impact the wider business community going forwards. Please read on for a quick snapshot of HR Digest‘s view of the top five HR lessons that we’ve learnt and re-learnt in recent times.


  1. Evolving and adapting are key

One of the most important lessons of recent times relates to employee experience. Employees’ health and wellbeing have moved centre-stage, forcing businesses to adopt a more flexible and hybrid work model. Leaders must continue to evolve their strategies with employee experience front of mind to retain their valuable employees and enjoy the associated business benefits.


  1. Empathy is vital

The pandemic also forced the HR industry to rethink employee engagement strategies. We all realised the importance of human interaction when lockdown removed its regular occurrence. The ability to empathise and effectively communicate with employees has shifted from being a nice-to-have soft skill to a must-have necessity.


  1. Flexible working models are here to stay

The hybrid work environment isn’t going anywhere. Businesses need to continue to refine and improve their supporting policies. These policies need to be communicated clearly to potential new recruits and existing employees alike. Confusion on the matter can only lead to disappointment, frustration and higher rates of staff turnover.


  1. The recruitment process needs to be handled efficiently and effectively

With so many job openings and skills shortages currently on the market, the recruitment process must be streamlined to ensure that HR can efficiently recruit top talent. Application tracking systems can be helpful but have their limitations. Increasingly, companies are turning to recruitment experts to source excellent candidates, shorten time-to-hire and save time.


  1. Employee engagement should come first

Employees that feel valued and cared for are more motivated and productive. This is even more true when their goals and values are aligned with those of their company, regardless of financial recompense. Creating opportunities to listen to employees and act on their input can help achieve this. Offering flexible working opportunities and greater autonomy are also helpful. As we advance into 2022, employee engagement is expected to remain a top priority for companies focused on the long-term success of their people and their businesses.


Food for thought? If you’d like to add any other points to the above list, please get in contact. We’d love to hear your views and experiences on this fascinating topic. And if you’d like any help recruiting talented individuals who will help you to build your corporate culture and your business, please let us know. We’re the UK’s leading multilingual recruitment agency, and we’re here to help!