The Great Resignation delivers a surprising beneficiary … 

There are currently 1.2 million job vacancies waiting to be filled in the UK alone. This is good news for job hunters making increasingly loud demands about starting salary, working conditions and work benefits. It’s also good news for a much less documented phenomena. Can you guess who the mysterious beneficiary of the fallout might be? Pull up seat and prepare yourself for a surprise…


Drum roll…  Hot on the heels of the Great Resignation comes… the Great Rise of the Recruitment industry! As the business world struggles to fill unprecedented levels of open vacancies across the board, the recruitment industry has been weathering its own people storm. In need of more talented, driven professionals to keep up with the high volume and changing shape of today’s recruitment challenges, it has reached out to professionals from other careers to help fill the gap. Their drive and colourful former career experience are paying off in spades for their clients, their own personal career trajectory and their pockets.


Pull up a seat and let us walk you through the key points of this most unexpected development, as detailed in a recent article on the subject in The Times.


– There are currently 22,500 advertised recruitment roles, paying £35,800 on average – about 15% above the median salary national salary.

– Only building maintenance roles and jobs in the logistics and warehouse sector have seen a greater jump in demand over the last two years.

– People are entering the recruitment industry for the high earning potential of commissions based pay structures, although recruiters’ average earnings remain very similar to those of 2019.

– Technology is the busiest recruitment sector at the moment, with 149,800 open roles. This growth is fuelled by workers’ increased reliance on technology in the context of remote and hybrid working and other Covid-era associated challenges.


While the pandemic and Brexit have reduced the pool of overseas workers thereby accentuating skills shortages in the market, the recruitment industry has responded with gusto. By growing its own teams with talented individuals, it’s busy moving mountains to source and secure the best candidates for all those open vacancies. Thanks to the influx of new talented recruitment professionals to the industry, we’re in better shape than ever to help HR professionals to overcome their recruitment challenges today and well beyond.


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