Don’t go out with a bang! Improving your long-term work connections right NOW

Are there fireworks still going off today in your company’s relationships? As we go into this stressful second lockdown, we’re finding interactions between colleagues are fracturing due to minor disputes snowballing into needlessly big problems.


It’s very easy to just sit there and let the bridges between staff burn. However, we think that especially right now, good relations in the virtual workplace are of paramount importance.


A good friend of ABL, Nikki von Bülow knows all about this:


‘I used to be a human resources manager. We used to settle disputes with disciplinary measures – I thought it was mean and people came out hurt. I wanted to settle disputes by building mutual understandings so long-term relationships could develop in a positive way’.


She now provides internationally accredited mediation services, where she helps resolve all sorts of client disputes using ‘more human’ resolution techniques.


Well, we totally agree with you Nikki! Collaboration and cooperation foster an emotionally healthy company.


As a language-focused recruitment company, we love how Nikki solves problems with tailored solutions, rather than blanket measures.


In fact, our entire ethos is based around providing the best talent who can communicate and problem-solve in at least two languages. Call us on 020 7092 3939 to help satisfy any of your recruitment needs.