Cowboys and Aliens Star Claims to Speak Swiss!

Cowboys and Aliens star Olivia Wilde’s linguistic blunder at Switzerland premiere

There was clearly something amiss when Olivia Wilde claimed she could speak Swiss.

The Cowboys and Aliens actress made the linguistic blunder as she continued her worldwide tour promoting Cowboys and Aliens.
Switzerland has four official languages – German, French, Italian, and Romansh.

However the blundering actress made the mistake of trying too hard to be witty as she made her way to her film’s screening at the Festival del Film di Locarno in the Alpine country yesterday.

She tweeted: ‘Cowboys screening for 8,000 in the Piazza Grande at the Locarno Fest tonight.

‘Prepping my speech in Swiss, Italian, and Apache just in case.’

However the sound of furious Alpine horns was soon ringing in her ears, forcing her to re-tweet.

The star yodelled: ‘Oh good, turns out there’s no Swiss language.

‘That makes things simpler. I’ll throw in Cantonese just to keep things interesting.’
It was not the sort of error you would expect from the self-styled intellectual, who changed her second name from Cockburn in tribute to flamboyant Irish writer Oscar Wilde.

However it was not the only mistake she made as she continued her quest to promote the genre mash-up flick, which has received mixed reviews from critics and fans.

The red-carpet dress she ended up wearing to the premiere also looked a bit cuckoo.

She wore a black Gucci outfit that featured s black and golden bead string cape around her shoulders and a thigh high slit in the front.

Despite being designed by one of the world’s most powerful fashion houses, it was wide of the mark in the fashion stakes.

The 27-year-old has been flying around the world to plug the $163 million box office bomb, which also stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.

So perhaps she felt like trying something a little more adventurous away from the hyper-critical Hollywood elite.

Frankly, the decision was a mistake, as she ended up being far too fashion forward for her own good.

However at least she ended up enjoying the well attended event.

She tweeted: ‘Last night’s screening of Cowboys for 8,000 in Piazza Grande, Locarno felt like Cinema Paradiso. It was honestly the stuff of dreams.’

Taken from the Daily Mail: 08.08.11