Roll on… Winter?

As we come to the end of Summer, it seems like a good time to take stock of things. Summer is always a tricky time to be looking for a job, or indeed looking to fill one. Desks are empty, tumbleweed blows past the office water machine and the forgotten bottle of factor 30 by the keyboard tells of a mass exodus to distant, sunnier shores.

The increased difficulty of simply getting hold of people over the summer months means that it’s more difficult to get candidates into those roles and often makes the process drag on far longer than necessary. It is one of the challenges of the recruitment industry. Combined with recent economic fears, this has meant that the number of permanent placements on offer in the capital decreased in July for the first time since October last year.

But here at ABL, we have been keeping busy making sure we are ready for La Rentrée at the beginning of September. We have attracted yet more talented, available candidates to our offices to ensure that we can tailor our services to a client’s needs at a minute’s notice should they be looking to fill either a permanent or a temporary position. And we have established even more relationships with some of London and the UK and Europe’s top employers to ensure an even wider range of opportunities for our candidates.

But we have not been squirreling away in vain. Whilst the summer months have been slow as usual, the autumn and winter promises to be a bumper time for both jobseekers and employers alike; permanent and temporary places are unanimously predicted to rise sharply and our work means we will be ready to deal with whatever comes our way.

And so as the Summer draws to an end and the nights draw in, there is still reason to be cheerful as September is promising plenty exciting, new vacancies and plenty more highly-competent candidates, albeit slightly more sunburnt than usual…