ChatGPT – why all the fuss?

There’s a new free artificial intelligence (AI) bot in town. Seemingly, the whole world is sitting up and paying attention, including the HR community. No one is claiming the ChatGPT bot is always right. However, with the ability to address any question imaginable with apparent authority, write emails and essays, and source new ideas in seconds, this bot demands to be taken seriously. has published an enlightening article exploring ChatGPT’s main uses, benefits and limitations. For a snapshot view of the main points, please read on.


– ChatGPT delivers conversational responses to the user’s prompts. It remembers your entries and uses them to shape its next responses. Drawing its answers from huge volumes of information on the internet, its knowledge is vast. It can also be creative, delivering poems, essays and even screenplays on a limitless array of subjects.


– That said, ChatGPT can’t (yet) be trusted to deliver the right answers all the time. The information it serves up is only as good as the publicly-available information from which it draws its answers. It can’t differentiate between reliable, independent sources and opinions being shared on social media. So while the answers you get may sound correct and even authoritative, they may in fact be completely wrong.


– Many business professionals are using the bot to write first drafts of emails, presentations, marketing and HR materials, and more. The dizzying speed at which it conducts research and creates content is as helpful as it is mind-blowing. But, with serious limitations on the accuracy of its source information, users must be mindful to double-check all the information it delivers.


And that’s ChatGPT in a nutshell! Friend or foe, it would be difficult to ignore the lure of this particular technology tool. If you’d like to give it a whirl, hit the ‘Try ChatGPT now’ button here and prepare yourself to be amazed…


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