ChatGPT – what’s in it for HR?

ChatGPT is being used by business professionals to write first drafts of emails, presentations, marketing materials and much more besides. Users appreciate the speed at which it creates content on seemingly every topic under the sun. But they are also being mindful to check the details for accuracy. As seen in our article entitled ChatGPT  – why all the fuss?, the bot can still sound authoritative when returning completely inaccurate information.


Unleash, a global digital media and events business has published a fantastic article about how ChatGPT can be used by HR professionals specifically. Please read on for the main uses it flags up.


In recruitment, the bot can be used to draft job descriptions and generic content about careers for marketing purposes. It can also be used to write draft interview questions for particular roles, create candidate communications, and even draft employment contracts. In theory…


(In addition, ChatGPT could conceivably answer candidate questions about your company benefits and policies and employee sentiment. However, since it can only leverage publicly-available data, the information it returns is only as accurate as that which is available online. So unless you share lots of information about your company online, the company-specific information it offers users will be incorrect.)


In internal communications, it can be used to help design training and meeting plans, generate FAQs, draft onboarding communications, and put together first-draft presentations.


– ChatGPT offers great time-savings as regards research and writing. But – with such a high error incidence – professionals should never trust it unquestioningly. They need to double-check its information and humanise the sometimes stilted language.


Ultimately. HR professionals who choose to embrace ChatGPT are doing so for two main reasons. Firstly, they’re using it to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks so they can focus on the human-facing parts of their role. Secondly, they’re using it to create first-draft communications and content which they then check through with a fine-tooth comb for accuracy. Interesting times!


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