Halloween – but for recruiters

You are recruiting for a person fluent in a foreign language. You write the job specification and requirements for candidates. You upload the job advert on to a job site. Easy, right?


Wrong. A week after posting, you have just 2 candidates who have applied for the job, neither of whom have fluency in another language and the required skills for the job. You thought you’d be flooded with hundreds, if not thousands, of people applying for what would usually be a very popular job. You start to sweat as you realise that it’s not as easy as it used to be – you and your team no longer have the opportunity of scrolling through tonnes of applications, CVs and cover letters searching for the right candidate.

This is the reality of the job market right now. Overall, thousands of eligible EU candidates have left the UK to return to their home countries. As a result, finding that person has become a lot harder.

Now, how do you get around this problem? You could hire more recruiters who spend their time searching for candidates. But this is expensive and time-consuming. You could try some of the traditionally large recruitment firms. Will these give you a personalised experience? Probably not.

This is where ABL Recruitment steps in. We have been recruiting for almost 30 years. We have a database of thousands of candidates who are multilingual, skilled, and experienced. We sift through our database and do face-to-face interviews to find a shortlist of perfect candidates for you, while you sit back and get on with daily workings at your business. Throughout the process of searching for the best candidate, hiring them and anything that comes up after hiring, we give tailored help to each and every client. Halloween suddenly seems a lot less dark!

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ABL Recruitment team