An interview with Laura Le Masurier

Our recruitment expert James Munro recently caught up with Laura Le Masurier, CEO of Crucial Recruitment.

Describing themselves as old friends, Laura was first introduced to James when she wanted to use ABL’s bespoke language recruitment service to find high-level candidates for a vacant role in her previous company. Later, when she decided to explore other opportunities, Laura came back to ABL, but this time as a candidate, looking for assistance in finding her next challenge. With the help of James, Laura found her dream role at Goldman Sachs, later adding consulting for ABL on her list of career experiences. 

In the present day, Laura is thriving in her role as CEO, enjoying the life of being a mother of two young children, whilst as she says it ‘spinning lots of plates’ as she tries to navigate motherhood, working and homeschooling during the lockdown.

We had the pleasure of being able to talk to Laura about her company, career journey. how ABL was instrumental in her climbing off the symbolic career ladder as well as helping her to recruit great and dynamic teams over the years.

“Crucial Recruitment was born out of frustration shared with a few likeminded individuals who wanted to offer more than just a plain recruitment service.”  

“We built an academy to train people, enabling them to learn new skills, and also offer several other services around data analytics for technology disrupters.”

It can be said that Laura’s passion for the recruitment industry has come from her experience using recruitment services both as a job hunter and a client. 

Her journey with ABL began whilst working for L’Oreal. Her projects often meant she required the skills of multilingual people with very different skill sets and job roles. Upon discovering ABL’s specialism in languages and our large pool of diverse candidates, she began to use our bespoke service.  

“You were very quick to provide me with temporary staff who could help us with our media campaigns.”

“We built up a good relationship as every quarter or product launch, we had a huge need to bring on more staff on a temporary basis.”

She goes on to explain that four and a half years later her role faced redundancy which she admits knocked her confidence. Suddenly faced with the reality of having a flat but no income, Laura says she went through a scary time. 

“They say you shouldn’t take redundancy personally, but unfortunately I did. I worried that it was something that I had done or that maybe I wasn’t good enough.”

“Many recruitment agencies have a bad name as often they don’t get back to you, don’t communicate, don’t nurture you. That’s why I found ABL Recruitment so refreshing. You didn’t see me like a piece of paper.”

“You helped to really build my confidence, took the time to understand me as a person by learning my skillset and thinking of where it could be applied.”

Laura said she appreciated how ABL used their expertise in seeing the transferable skills she had and looked at how she could not just find a new role but progress. This led to her being placed at Goldman Sachs. She says that she went from a very creative role within L’Oreal to suddenly a corporate company, but through this change, she was able to see how her skills would be valuable for her new role. To this day Laura considers her journey with Goldman Sachs as an incredible time that she is very proud of. 

James and Laura continue to reminisce about her experience within the recruitment sector, how ABL continued to provide her with support as a candidate, client and long time friend, as well as what she hopes for the future.

Watch the full interview here and see why Laura, like so many of our clients and candidates, become ABL’s lifelong friends and partners.

Find out more about Crucial Recruitment here.

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