How to keep motivated during your job hunt

Whether you’ve only started thinking about a job change, or you started several months ago, we can appreciate how frustrating the process can sometimes be.

Either there are plenty of opportunities to choose from making it difficult to decide which to apply for, or there aren’t many that match the specific requirements you’re looking for. The job search process can be quite a time consuming and on occasion, rather disappointing.

Keeping motivated during this time is the real key to success. If you’re actively looking for a new job and quite open to many opportunities, the likelihood is that you’ll have a choice of interviews. With this comes a lot of highs and lows, not all job interviews you go to will be successful, you might also find that once you’ve gone into an interview and had a chance to get a feel for the workplace, that the role is not actually right for you.

Reminding yourself that the opportunities that pass, were not meant for you is crucial in maintaining the positivity you need to set you on the right path. If you think of how big the UK is, you can imagine how many opportunities there are within companies. Don’t sell yourself short by letting initial declines affect how you proceed into your job search.

Think about all the reasons you’ve been looking at other opportunities, remind yourself of this every time you feel down if responses to your application aren’t coming in as hot and fast as you send them.

Make sure you’re reading the job descriptions for the roles, are you tailoring your CV and cover letters to suit them? Are you making sure that you are covering the keywords and terms used on the job ad to give yourself as much of a chance of receiving a callback?

How you can stay motivated during this time is to only do as much as you can, depending on how eager you are to find your new role, dedicate the necessary time you need to find it. For example, if you want a new job as soon as possible, then it is wise to set aside at least an hour or so a day on tailoring your CV and cover letter and applying for roles. Make a pros and cons list of why you’re looking for a job as a constant reminder that this process has a reason. Whenever you start to waver in your motivation, remember that you’ve been through this before. This is how you got your current/most recent job in the first place.

The biggest thing we want you to remember is that sometimes a job search is dependent on what is happening around you. It’s not always about you or your skills. Sometimes there are things outside of our control and in those scenarios, just keep going. Don’t lose hope; you will get there; there are just a few challenges on the way. It can work to your benefit because sometimes you too need a breather to think about the must-haves your new role will offer, or it may be that you might want to consider a new direction entirely.

If ever it comes to the point when you’re feeling stuck but still want to find a new job, come to us, at ABL Recruitment we not only offer permanent and temporary work placements but can also give you some sound advice based on what your skills and what you’re looking for in your next role.

Don’t give up and happy searching.

ABL Recruitment team