Why sportspeople make great employees

The skills and characteristics developed by sportspeople to succeed on the playing field translate well to the business world. For a quick reminder of the most valuable qualities and strengths that sportsmen and women offer employers, please read an article on LinkedIn by Chris Valleta, entrepreneur, author and former NFL Player. Alternatively, skip straight to our synopsis of the article below:


– Sportspeople persevere. Regardless of the difficulties and obstacles they encounter, they keep going until they succeed in achieving their goals.


– Athletes possess the key soft skills that are increasingly essential to business success, including dedication, discipline, desire, perseverance, performing under pressure, teamwork and communication. Years of training have given them ample opportunity to practise and hone these skills.


– Many athletes also have great leadership and communication skills. They know how to engage team members, motivate them and encourage collaboration.


– Sportspeople learn from their mistakes, and then they move on. Every perceived failure is seen as a learning opportunity and they remain upbeat and optimistic in its wake.


– Successful sportspeople put the team first. For them, satisfaction and success come from the collective performance of the team rather than just their own individual contribution. They work alongside their team to ensure that everyone succeeds in their individual tasks so that the team can collectively achieve its goals too.


– They are receptive to criticism. This means that they are comfortable taking onboard advice from multiple stakeholders without taking it personally. As a result, they constantly raise the bar in their work performance and their colleagues don’t have to tiptoe around their egos and sensitivities.


These are just a few of the many valuable personality traits and strengths that sportsmen and women of all levels bring to the corporate table. Whatever skills and characteristics are needed for your open job vacancies – and whether fine-tuned on the sports field or not – please let us know. With over 30 years of recruitment experience behind us and a vast pool of constantly-refreshed top talent on our books, we will deliver. Please email us at info@ablrecruitment.com or call us on 020 7092 3939 to brainstorm the options!