Top tips to get Gen-Zers over the job application finishing line

If you’re trying to recruit Generation Z candidates for your open vacancies, you may have noticed that their completion rate of job applications is low. Seemingly, Gen Zers are quicker than any other age group to abandon applications halfway through.


Please read on to explore the reasons behind this most unwelcome of trends and to discover some potential solutions. Inspired by an enlightening article published by The Global Recruiter, we will walk you through all the latest thinking on the matter.


Why are Gen-Zers so quick to abandon job applications?

Gen Z is used to researching information, working collaboratively, and making purchases in a few simple steps online. They expect the same positive experience of your job application process. So if yours is slow, complex, or in any way frustrating, beware. Gen-Zers will simply give up and take their valuable talent elsewhere.


What can hiring managers do to ensure they don’t miss out on potential top talent?


1) Quick, clear, rewarding online application forms

Delivering a quick, smooth, pleasant application process – where candidates regularly receive a clear sense of their progress and what remains to be done – is vital.

Working with an expert recruitment consultancy – such as ABL Recruitment – is another way to ensure that potential candidates aren’t put off by unwieldy application forms. They apply once to join our books and, following an effective vetting process, we contact them when great-fit positions come up. Easy!


2) Convenient, personalised communication

To capture and maintain interest, Gen-Zers want and expect convenient, personalised messaging. To enable candidates to choose their preferred communication channel – LinkedIn, text, email, telephone, or WhatsApp – for their well-written, personalised application updates.

ABL Recruitment liaises with job candidates on behalf of hiring managers. This saves you lots of time and ensures high-quality, personal interactions with your candidates at every recruitment touchpoint.


3) A meaningful connection with your brand

The growing importance of value alignment and authenticity for young generations is widely documented. So if you want to attract Gen Z, your job description should portray your company’s story, purpose, and values in a clear, compelling, meaningful way. Showcase the support you give to employees in terms of training and career progression, inclusivity, flexibility, etc. Promote your proven corporate responsibility.

Leading recruitment consultancies like ABL Recruitment will expertly craft job descriptions that address the above challenges and more. We ensure that the right people see those job descriptions, further boosting the effectiveness and shortening the time-to-hire of your recruitment drive.


What’s next?

We hope that the above recommendations help you to find perfect-fit candidates quickly and efficiently, across all generations. If you’d like to tap into our expertise on the matter, please get in touch. We have all the technology, processes, know-how, and contacts required to ensure you engage with the right people, promote the right messages, and secure applications from high-quality, best-fit candidates. Please contact us today at or at 020 7092 3911 to get the ball rolling!