Dos and don’ts for celebrating Valentine’s Day at work

Happy Valentine’s Day! On reflection, should I have said that? Are you getting the warm glow of feeling liked and appreciated, or have I just made blunder and you’re feeling terribly uncomfortable? Oops.


All things romance-flavoured in the workplace are awkward. Full stop. If you want to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day at the office without worrying about social blunders and misunderstood intentions, you’ve come to the right place. Please read on for a summary of the Dos and Don’ts for Valentine’s Day at work, as published by the Huffington Post


– Do not distribute Valentines cards at work. You could be perceived as juvenile or popularity-seeking, instead of the confident, competent and credible professional that you are.


– Do use the opportunity to show your colleagues that you appreciate them. Treat everyone in your team to breakfast or afternoon treats such as cookies, chocolates and pastries. Place your edible gifts on your desk or at reception and invite everyone to enjoy.


– Don’t even think of using the day to declare your love to the apple of your eye at work.


– If you are disillusioned in love, don’t spend the day moping around and complaining that Valentine’s Day is just another marketing ruse to make us spend more. Bah humbug!


– If you receive flowers or a gift, be discreet and sensitive. Place them/it on your desk and make your thank you calls in private.


– If appropriate for your corporate culture, feel free to wear red or pink clothing and hearts-covered jumpers. But don’t wear anything provocative or sexy. It will undermine your credibility and haunt you for the rest of your working days.


Beyond the above tips on how to embrace Valentine’s Day at work without risking any related gaffes, all that remains to be said is Happy Valentine’s Day from ABL, your trusted recruitment partners! Enjoy!