Top Five HR Trends For The 2022 Workplace

As Kofi Annan so famously said, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.” This is as true for the HR industry as it is for every business function and sector across the board. So pull up a pew, get comfortable, and prepare yourself to be empowered and liberated by the Top Five Trends for the 2022 workplace, as identified in a recent Forbes article. Enjoy!


  1. It’s all about employee well-being

Employee well-being is no longer considered a simple employee benefit. It has expanded its remit beyond the physical aspect to include emotional, financial, social and career wellness. And it’s gobbled up the entire family in the process.


  1. Well-being benefits can stem The Great Resignation

While salary increases and sign-on bonuses are important attraction and retention tools, well-being benefits are increasingly being cited as a key factor in deciding whether to apply for a new job, particularly among Gen Z. Employee well-being benefits most in-demand include flexible working, financial well-being and emotional/mental health well-being.


  1. The overwhelming majority of workers want hybrid working

The hybrid work model is here to stay. HR now needs to focus on defining how organisations will create a fair and equitable workplace for all employees regardless of location, communicate how leaders will manage employees they never physically see, and offer practical guidance on how teams will achieve work flexibility while meeting their goals. They will need to explore successful work-from-anywhere practices accordingly.


  1. Employees seek companies whose values match their own

In a survey cited in the article, eight out of ten employees said it is important for their company’s values to align with their own. More than half of knowledge workers said they would quit their job if their company’s values did not align with their own, and only one in four knowledge workers were likely to accept a job with a company whose values do not align to their own.


In response to this trend, 2022 will see HR practitioners engaging in continuous listening programs with employees, and committing to improved working conditions for all employees.


  1. Skills based hiring is on the rise

More companies than ever are piloting skills-based hiring i.e. the practice of setting specific skills and competency requirements for a job rather than only looking at a candidate’s credentials. Skills based hiring expands the prospective talent pool and allows internal employees greater career mobility by offering educational pathways for specific industries and job functions.


Please read the full article to learn which trends take fifth to tenth place in the ranking.


As seen above, there’s a whole new working world out there. The colour and shape of that new world will be steered by HR and other key business leaders. They will ask the right questions to ensure that the voices of all stakeholders are heard, demonstrating resilience, empathy, transparency, and digital fluency in the process. We very much look forward to seeing the results!


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