Three common mistakes to avoid when applying for remote jobs

If you’re looking for a remote position, you’re in good company! The work/life balance benefits certainly present a compelling argument. Unfortunately for the majority of job seekers on the hunt for those precious remote roles, there are three big mistakes that they keep making. But knowledge is King. And all you need to do to steer clear of those common stumbling blocks is to read CNBC‘s article on the subject or skip straight to our synopsis below.


Without further ado, let’s turn the spotlight on those three common mistakes to be avoided at all costs:


  1. Applying for remote jobs outside your region

Many remote job listings require employees to be in a certain city, region or country for tax or legal reasons. They may expect you to meet with local clients from time to time or to show up for occasional company meetings. So filter roles on job platforms based on your location and check how remote the position really is before spending time developing your killer application.


  1. Forgetting to include remote-specific skills on your CV

Employers are looking for candidates who can learn fast and manage themselves (and their teams) in a remote environment. Dress your CV to impress by highlighting your remote-specific skills such as excellent time management, communication and organisation skills as well as your technological prowess.

If you don’t have remote work experience, refer to relevant soft skills that you’ve developed in other roles or volunteer projects.


  1. Casting the net too wide

If you’re super keen to find your dream job, you’re probably spending hours every day scanning job boards and submitting the same CV to all of them. This scattergun approach is a mistake. You should edit your CV for each role you apply for. Notice the requisite skills and experience mentioned in the job description and pepper your CV with the same terms, including in your summary. This will boost your chances of getting past the software tools and hiring managers on the hunt for those essential keywords and phrases. The more targeted you are, the greater your chances of success.


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