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In the old days, before 8-year-olds had mobile phones, and when you could make off-the-cuff remarks like ‘village idiot’ or ‘fat chance’ without half-a-dozen irate focus groups turning up, only one person in the town got to go to university.

How times have changed…

With more young people worldwide taking university courses than ever before, this has created some, er, interesting new degree course options, including:

1. A degree in Coronation Street

2. A degree in Puppetry

3. A degree in Golf Turf Management

4. A degree in Punk Rock

And (wait for it!)

5. A degree in The History of Organised Crime (“Hear this, dooshbag. Either flunk the exam and let our nephew Tony Junior come top, or your Momma’s gonna be sleeping with the fishes. Kapish?”)

It sort of gives you hope, doesn’t it?!

But hang on. Let’s be fair about this…

What Kind of Degree Have You Got?

A Languages degree? A degree in Oriental and African Studies? A degree in European Business Studies? Something equally useful?


Check these jobs out:

TITLE: Bilingual Dutch-English Graduate Trainee Sales Support Administrator. SALARY: £15000-£18000 + performance-related bonus. LOCATION: Hertfordshire. THE COMPANY: A small but prestigious firm of management consultants involved in a long-term project working with the Dutch medical authorities.

TITLE: Graduate Trainee Sales Executive. SALARY: £18000. LOCATION: London. THE COMPANY: Leading publisher of magazines and directories for the exhibition, event and conference industry.

TITLE: Graduate Trainee Researcher with Fluent Japanese. SALARY: £25,000 pa + excellent benefits. LOCATION: London. THE COMPANY: Global market research company with branches throughout the world and employing well over 400 staff in London alone.

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At Appointments Bi-Language we have both English-speaking and multilingual job vacancies. Please browse our latest job vacancies page, or search our job vacancies by language or job type.

If a vacancy interests you, then get your smart interview suit out, polish your best shoes until they shine like mirrors, print off your CV, and then get in touch with us today. Because if you don’t, another graduate will. And wouldn’t that be an (organised) crime?

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