The top five benefits of office life

Businesses worldwide are getting more insistent that employees return to the office, at least for part of the working week. Some employees are passionately in favour of the move while others are vehemently against it. We’ve been bombarded with articles extolling the virtues of working from home over the last two years. Arguably less airtime, however, has been given to the benefits of office life.

This article aims to redress the balance. Read on for a quick snapshot of the benefits of dusting off your business suit, reactivating your travel pass and preparing yourself for a mighty catch-up with your colleagues around the water cooler!

Office life serves to:

  1. Boost employee wellbeing

No one is questioning the work/life balance benefits of working from home. But what of the associated mental health issues? Many workers have reported feeling lonely, anxious and isolated during lockdown. In some cases, this has even triggered the onset of depression. Re-connecting with your colleagues face-to-face in the office, even if only on a part-time basis, offers the perfect antidote.

  1. Promote innovation and collaboration

Offices create the perfect environment for collaboration and creativity. It’s easy to share and generate ideas, both within and across teams. There’s ample opportunity to solicit feedback from all levels of the organisation. The value of the energy and goodwill that’s created as a result shouldn’t be underestimated. In addition, misunderstandings and resentment are less frequent because it’s much easier to understand people’s intentions in person than in hastily-written emails.

  1. Help to separate your working life from your home life

Remote working blurs the border between your home life and your working life. It can be hard to switch off at the weekend or at the end of the day. When you physically leave your workplace to transition to the non-working part of your day, however, it’s much easier to relax. This means that when you go back to work, you return refreshed and ready to be productive. It’s a win/win situation.

  1. Boost staff retention and engagement

A positive work culture can be reinforced more easily when staff are physically present at the office. It’s much easier to communicate brand values on-site. So, for staff to be great company ambassadors, and fully engaged with their brand, an on-site presence is desirable. This also promotes wellbeing, as employees are more likely to feel valued and that their contribution is meaningful.

  1. Strengthen team spirit

Informal chats by the photocopier are invaluable. Just catching up with colleagues about their weekends is enough to provide a genuine connection and build a strong team spirit. On-site working provides the perfect forum for such social moments, as do regular in-person meetings and team building activities. Staff feel more motivated, productive and loyal as a result.

The list of advantages of returning to office life is long. To further explore the topic, please read Harvard Business Review‘s article on the subject. And if you’d like to hear ABL’s perspective, give us a call. And remember that, whatever working model gets your vote, we can help you plan your next career move. With 124 open vacancies currently on our books and longstanding relationships with over 400 leading companies worldwide, we’ll help you find the job of your dreams and nail the interview.