Fancy a game of golf, ladies?

Golf is one of the most effective networking opportunities in existence. At least that’s what dads in beige chinos and navy polo shirts have been saying so to their sons for centuries. Seemingly, they haven’t been waxing quite so lyrical about it to their daughters. And that’s a major missed opportunity for over half the world’s population. Is it time to upset the status quo?




The reasons why more women don’t pick up their clubs and head to the golf course – as well as the business benefits they could access by doing so – were explored recently by The Wall Street Journal. Based on an interview with Deborah Gray – a professor of marketing at Central Michigan University and co-author of a study on the subject – the article makes for a fascinating read.


If you haven’t got time to read the full article, please see the highlights below:

Sources claim that 80% of Fortune 500 executives do business with someone they met on the golf course. Players have hours to get to know each other, establish a relationship and check out each other’s integrity. And their experiences on the course offer an interesting subject of conversation – and multiple bonding opportunities – once they’re back in the office.

Only about a quarter of golfers are women. They’re missing out on all the above networking and work visibility benefits.

Women tend to network with people from similar backgrounds to themselves whereas men are more inclined to network with a heterogeneous group based on common interests. Men also tend to be strategic with their choice of golf buddies, actively seeking out powerful people.

Women are often busy juggling their professional lives with caregiving responsibilities at home. They tend to have less time available for networking. They are also more inclined to worry about not being good enough at golf to take on their male peers. And there’s a common misconception that women take much longer to complete a round of golf than male players. These factors combine to explain why more women don’t play golf.

Companies can help recalibrate things by educating women about the business benefits of golf and sponsoring golf lessons during work hours to drive participation. 


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