Temp Workers: Know Your Rights!

The month of October normally means no more than the days getting shorter and the weather getting worse. Bizarrely, this year it also meant an extra week of summer sun at the beginning of the month. But for the army of temporary workers that keep the UK on the economical straight and narrow, October has also brought a more permanent ray of sunshine.

As from the 1st October the Agency Workers Regulation or AWR will seek to level the playing field between those on who work on a temporary basis and permanent employees. For years temporary workers have often been forced to do similar jobs, although have sometimes only been paid up to a third less than their permanent colleagues and have received none of the same benefits.

This new regulations aim to fix this problem once and for all, offering temporary employees the same pay and treatment as permanent employees after they have been at the company for more than 12 weeks. This means that they would be entitled to not only the same salary but the same amount of holiday and benefits.

This is obviously great news for temps as it is bound to mean increased levels of pay and better treatment from the companies they work at. The difference should also be felt by clients, providing a morale boost to temporary staff making them more dedicated and attached to their work than they may have been previously.

So if you are interested in finding more about temporary work or are looking for something to keep you occupied and bring in some cash whilst you look for a permanent role, then why not get in contact?