How to navigate the career risks of working from home

In today’s increasingly remote business landscape, the gap between how often employers require hybrid workers to be in the office and what it really takes to succeed is widening. At least according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, summarised here. Seemingly, there is no substitute for genuine face-to-face time when it comes to moving up the corporate ladder and achieving meaningful salary raises.


If you’re a remote worker, this may send a chill down your spine. But there’s no need to panic! Executive coach, Darcy Eikenberg, has offered some interesting advice on how to navigate the risks outlined in the article, which we intermingle with advice from other sources below.


First up, Eikenberg recommends you ask yourself if your preference for remote working is a product of circumstances, such as your care-taking responsibilities, or a desire for comfort. If it’s the latter, experiment with working in the office for a while. You may find the benefits of in-office working surprise you. Feeling more connected and engaged with your team members and organisation, having more opportunities to collaborate across teams and generate ideas, and creating clearer work/home boundaries offer compelling arguments for showing up in person at least for part of the working week.


If, on the other hand, you have to work from home out of necessity, Eikenberg recommends you find ways to stay connected and keep your work visible. One way to achieve this is to schedule regular check-ins with your peers and seniors. You can also raise your profile by:

producing weekly reports, detailing your activity and successes, for your boss and team

being proactive and reaching out across teams to see how you can help your colleagues with specific projects. Extend the conversation to people you haven’t yet met. Tell them about your role and how you could potentially collaborate going forwards

being present and participating in a relevant, helpful way at all virtual team meetings


Whichever working model is your tipple, ABL can help you plan your next career move. With over 30 years’ industry experience and longstanding relationships with 400+ leading companies worldwide, we will quickly source your perfect next job and help you ace the interview. Please get in touch so we can brainstorm the options.