Six easy fixes for low employee engagement

Employee engagement levels in the UK were one of the worst in Europe in 2022. According to Gallup’s recent ‘State of the global workforce’ report, fewer than one in 10 UK employees last year felt enthusiastic about their work and workplace. Ranking 33rd out of 38 European countries, British workers’ enthusiasm fell well below the European average.


Companies clearly need to up their game to reengage their staff. With promises of improved productivity, lower staff turnover, lower absenteeism, better customer loyalty and greater profitability on the table, HR teams are pouring their time and energy into improving employee engagement.


The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) warns companies not to assume that throwing higher salaries or bonuses at the problem will resolve it. It claims the only way to achieve enduring high employee engagement is to ensure staff feel valued and emotionally connected to their work. And while HR strategies vary from company to company, there are sox common denominators across successful employee engagement programmes, as follows:


  1. Set your employees up for success with the right software, equipment and processes.
  2. Find out what motivates, inspires and despairs each employee. Share these insights with their manager so they can get the best outcomes from and for their teams. Note that, for most people, increased autonomy and responsibility boost motivation and engagement levels.
  3. Invest continuously in training and development. This enables workers to develop the right skills for their roles and sends a clear message that the company values them and believes in their potential.
  4. Listen carefully to employees and act on what they say. In addition to enabling prompt problem resolution, this shows employees that their voice matters.
  5. Foster close connections among colleagues through company events, workshops, team competitions and charity initiatives.
  6. Be generous with public rewards and recognition. Feeling appreciated is a key driver of engagement.


By embracing the above tips, companies can do much to boost engagement levels. Whatever strategies you opt for, ABL Recruitment wishes you every success. If recruitment matters also feature on your list of priorities, please get in touch. With a vast pool of constantly-refreshed, talented professionals on our books, we will quickly and cost-effectively find you brilliant matches for all your open vacancies. Please contact us at or on 020 7092 3911 today!