Seven things companies can do to make their top talent stay

Staff retention tops most HR agendas these days. Innovative strategies to address historic highs in open vacancies, particularly in the IT and technology sector, have evolved at a dizzying rate. Happily, in many cases, businesses are already reaping the rewards. 

The Guardian has published its take on the common denominators of successful HR retention strategies. Read on for a bite-size synopsis.

  1. The basics

First and foremost, workers have a right to a living wage, safe and healthy working conditions, and humane hours. They need enough money and free time to live healthy, happy, good lives.

  1. Be flexible

Flexible working models promote productivity, happiness and retention. Considered more as a right than a privilege these days, without at least an element of flexibility on offer, you’ll have a hard time attracting employees. And you’ll risk losing your top talent to other more open-minded organisations.

  1. Old-school perks

The goodwill created by simple, old-school perks (think yummy pastries in the boardroom) goes a long way. It’s neither difficult nor expensive to get this aspect of employee care right.

  1. New-generation perks

While on-site massages and yoga classes attract the spotlight, the journalist names a work concierge service as number one on her wish list of work perks. She points to the time and stress that could be saved if a dedicated person took care of all life’s admin. e,g. tracking down the best deal on home insurance or spending 53 minutes on hold to the council to request a new bin. A great idea!