Top tips for the ultimate motivation reboot at work

Sometimes you’ve just been in a job for too long. Passion fades, roles lose their charm and it can seem like walking away is the only option. It doesn’t have to be this way! The grass is not always greener. More often than not, all you need to get your mojo back is a frank discussion with your employer. Phew!

As part of its As We Work series of podcasts that examine the changing dynamics of the workplace, The Wall Street Journal recently turned its attention to the matter of how to keep your passion at work alive and kicking. Here are its key points and top recommendations on how to keep the flame burning bright:

We tend to focus on the extrinsic reasons why people are working – money, promotions and incentives. But we overlook their intrinsic reasons i.e. the things which make work meaningful such as feeling autonomous, competent and socially connected. All three of these job aspects must be satisfied for people to feel happy and motivated at work.

One way to consider the intrinsic aspects of your job is to consider whether you find it enjoyable, interesting and engaging. But you can also consider things based on goal and value alignment with your colleagues and company. Is your job contributing in some way to improving people’s lives? Managers can help to keep people motivated by referring to those ultimate goals when allocating tasks.

Motivation fluctuates over the course of the day as well as over the years. A few days of low motivation doesn’t mean it’s time to head for the door. But if the feeling endures for a few weeks, things are unlikely to right themselves on their own. It’s time to have an open discussion with your HR Manager about how to get your va va vrooom back.   

When preparing for the above conversation with your HR Manager, write down what you enjoy doing, what motivates you and what gives you a sense of purpose. What are your transferable talents and skills? Perhaps it’s time to think beyond your current role and embrace completely different areas of your job. There’s no reason why you have to stick to your initial chosen career path. It’s okay to take another direction. Your HR Manager will help you reimagine your role to see how it can be reshaped at your current company.

In conclusion, quitting isn’t the only way to get your passion for work back. Before you throw in the towel, work with HR to see if it’s simply your role that needs a makeover. And if you decide that joining another company is the right solution, take your time, do your research and treat interviewing as a two-way process to ensure that your expectations and values are aligned.

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