Linguists: bringing much more to work than additional languages

Linguists bring much more to the table than the ability to communicate in a second language with your international customers, prospects, and partners. To explore their powerful combination of skills and strengths, please read on. You might just be surprised by one or two of them…


  1. Excellent communication and relationship-building skills

Even if all your customers and prospects are UK-based, you still operate in a multicultural, diverse business environment. Linguists have a sensitivity to language and cultural differences that enables them to communicate effectively with people from all backgrounds. This helps avoid misunderstandings and enables working relationships to flourish.

If your company operates in a multinational context, clearly it’s a major plus if you can connect with your contacts in their language. It sends a clear message that they’re important to you and that you have a talented, skilled workforce. The subtext is that multilingualism is just one of many bespoke, localised skills that you offer.

In addition, since linguists are familiar with local culture and business etiquette, they can offer valuable insights about target customers, and lead successful, clanger-free meetings!


  1. Meticulous attention to detail

Linguists are trained to analyse language structure and spot errors. This attention to detail means their written and spoken communications are of an extremely high standard. The benefits of this approach extend to many other work tasks too.


  1. Solid problem-solving skills

Linguists are taught to approach language as a complex system, necessitating strong analytical and problem-solving skills. These skills can be applied to many areas of your business, such as data analysis and strategic planning.


  1. Flair for creativity

Fluency in another language helps your brain to think in different ways, nurturing creativity.

In conclusion, linguists’ ability to navigate diverse language and cultural landscapes enhances the quality of their working relationships. In combination with their meticulous attention to detail, solid problem-solving skills, and creative talent, that’s a powerful skill set.


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