Job seekers, beware of jobs advertised as ‘remote’!

Record highs in open vacancies and low unemployment levels mean that companies have to work hard to attract top talent. With remote working topping the must-have list for many job seekers, the number of remote positions advertised has rocketed. But are those remote jobs really 100% remote?

According to The Wall Street Journal, some unscrupulous companies are using the term ‘remote’ as pure clickbait. When candidates turn up to interview, they may discover that the position is in fact hybrid, or that they need to be available for occasional in-person meetings. Other candidates are being told at interview that the listing they applied for was simply wrong.

The disconnect sometimes stems from shifting interpretations of remote work. Some companies consider a position remote even if occasional office appearances are required, while many job seekers only consider roles where their physical presence is never needed as remote. Equally, certain companies may initially think remote working will work for a specific role, but find further down the line that it’s simply not feasible. And it’s easy to forget to update the job posting.

In addition, it’s not always obvious to hiring managers how they should describe a position on job websites and networking platforms. If the position will transition from remote to hybrid or on-site over time, they can still only select one descriptor – remote, hybrid or on-site – to classify the position.

To avoid wasting your time on false expectations, job seekers should check as early as possible in the recruitment process whether a role is 100% remote for the long term or not. And before taking the time to complete an application, read the fine print. In this matter, the devil really can lurk in the detail.

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