Key skills to target for your next marketing superhero

Are you looking for your next marketing superhero? Have you decided which skills, personality traits, and superpowers candidates should have to secure an invite to the interview table? Whatever level you’re recruiting for, compiling a list of requisite skills, characteristics, qualifications, and work experience is the first step on your journey to great hiring outcomes. 


You’ll need to work closely with members of the marketing team – as well as other relevant departments – to ensure your list covers all the bases for the specific role you’re recruiting for. Level of seniority, company culture and size, and industry will also play an important part in fashioning the list.


Please read on for inspiration on what your list is likely to look like.


Skills and personality traits

– Strategic thinking skills relating to brand issues, company positioning and messaging, and how to align marketing strategy with business objectives

– Tactical marketing skills – e.g., writing blog posts, conducting social media campaigns and market research studies, generating leads, and hosting events

– Digital marketing skills including SEO and SEM

– Social media skills

– People management, leadership, and decision-making skills

– Robust communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills

– Excellent project management and organisational skills

– Strong analytical skills and data literacy

– IT literacy (e.g., Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, SEMRush, Canva) plus curiosity to trial the latest marketing technology tools

– Good at working independently and as part of a team

– Expertise in emerging marketing best practices (plus solid industry know-how)

– Creativity and problem-solving skills

– Empathy, enthusiasm, passion, stamina, and flexibility.


Qualifications and work experience

Marketing professionals are usually expected to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in marketing and/or business. Professional certifications such as those offered by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM) are also considered valuable.

Requisite work experience is determined by the nature of the specific position and level of seniority.

It’s worth noting that, increasingly, candidates are assessed based on their skills and personality traits as opposed to their work history and academic credentials.


What’s next?

You may have a few additional items to add to the list for the specific role you’re recruiting for. Your next job is to sort all these skills, traits, qualifications, and work experiences into must-have and nice-to-have lists. Use the first list to craft a job description that accurately represents the role and will trigger applications from great, best-fit candidates. You’ll also need to ensure that your advert is seen by the right people.


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