Top tips on how to improve your concentration while working from home

So you’ve unloaded the dishwasher, taken the dog out for a walk, done your stretches and prepared this evening’s dinner. Great! Now what? Ah yes, it’s time for that small matter called work. Strangely reminiscent of how we avoided the constraints of exam revision timetables back in the day, it’s not always easy to focus when you’re working from home. Happily, help is at hand…

ZDNet recently published some useful tips to help you improve your focus and productivity while working from home. For the abridged version, please pull up a chair, block out all distractions and give our summary below your full and undivided attention!

  1. Organise your space so that it’s tidy, clean and visually appealing. The overall look and feel of your workstation should energise you. Choose an area with good natural lighting and dot it with potted plants, beautiful photographs, inspiring artwork and motivational quotes. Refresh the area every few months.

Choose a comfortable chair and make sure your computer is set to the optimal position and hue for your comfort. Be clear with other members of the household about the times when you cannot be disturbed. Keep noise to a minimum.

  1. Plan your day around your productivity levels. If you’re most productive early morning, address your most demanding tasks then. Plan regular brain breaks so that when you return to your desk, you can give work your full attention. Allow time for lunch and set an alarm to signal the end of your working day.
  2. Creating a digital or physical to do list also helps keep you focused. Develop tactics to bring you back to the task at hand when your attention wanders, such as taking a few deep breaths or breaking the task down into smaller parts.
  3. Block out technological distractions. If you’re spending too much time flicking to Facebook and Instagram, or checking your WhatsApp and email messages, it’s time to be ruthless. Turn off your email and phone notifications and block yourself from all those addictive websites during working hours.
  4. Taking exercise, even if it’s just going for a walk around the block or doing stretches in your sitting room, helps maintain your focus. Drinking plenty of water and having a healthy, balanced diet are equally helpful to this end.

Certainly, there are challenges to maintaining focus when working from home. Follow these tips to set you up for success. You’ll find your general well-being and happiness also benefit from the fallout. Enjoy!

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