How to write a killer dress code memo

Hooray for the summer! It’s officially arrived and so too has a spring in our step and a twinkle in our eye. There is one matter, however, that needs to be addressed before we launch ourselves wholeheartedly into the sunny season. We need to be clear on what constitutes appropriate business wear for the summer, and we need to share that with our employees. Assume that your employees are on the same sartorial page as you and, come June, you may find yourself surrounded by flesh-baring sun worshippers with alarming piercings and provocative straps.


Happily, a simple, friendly memo can help clear up any confusion on the subject. Here are some pointers on how to write a killer dress code memo, as published by Bizfluent :


– Your memo needs to strike a balance between a friendly and a professional tone. Some people will take offence at being told how to dress but, with a nudge in the right direction, they will appreciate that not all their colleagues have the same sense of discernment. Write your memo in the spirit of a gentle, helpful reminder to your valued and esteemed colleagues.


– Keep the memo simple, to-the-point and short.


– Be specific about what your company considers appropriate attire. Make a list of what’s acceptable e.g., polo shirts and knee-length skirts, and what’s not e.g., cut-off jeans and flip flops.


– Outline when employees are allowed to dress more casually and when they are expected to adhere to more formal guidelines.


– Keep the format simple. starting with a short introduction that clearly states the objective of the memo. Follow on with your bulleted list of acceptable vs. unacceptable attire. Conclude by thanking your staff for their attention and inviting them to reach out should they have any questions.


– Be mindful not to discriminate against employees based on their sex, race, religion or disability. Be prepared to make exceptions as necessary.


– Circulate the memo to all staff members, of all levels of seniority.


By setting out specific guidelines about your summertime dress code policy, employees will be free to enjoy comfortable, appropriate wardrobe choices. Enjoy the style and the summer, and please get in touch if you’d like some support with your recruitment activity. ABL, your trusted recruitment partner, is here to support you every sandal-clad step of the way!