How to springboard your corporate fundraising to the next level

Want to give your corporate fundraising activities a little oomph?! We have scoured the internet looking for ideas on how to take your (and our) pot of charity contributions from helpful to high-impact. Please read on for a list of actions that could take all our company fundraising initiatives to the next level.


  1. Ensure participants in your fundraising event or challenge set up a JustGiving page. They should include their target and an event summary, including a note on why their cause is important.
  2. Advise participants to ask their friends, families, and colleagues to sponsor them by donating to their JustGiving page. They can reach out to them via email, WhatsApp, text, and social media and/or by telephone and in person (old school!). They can also help spread the word by adding a link to their email signature. Encourage them to get the ball rolling with their own donation and to reach out to their most generous and supportive contacts first.
  3. If a number of your staff are participating in a fundraising event, consider setting up a company JustGiving page. You can create a team page, a specific campaign page, or even a branded micro-site. Share details of your event and a link to the JustGiving page (whether the individual’s page or your company’s) via your company’s usual marketing channels – e.g., newsletters, email, and social media. Send out a press release announcing your event to key press – especially local, trade, and charity journalists – and follow up with them by phone or email.
  4. Many companies match their employees’ donations to charities, usually at a 1:1 ratio but sometimes at a 2:1 or even 3:1 ratio. If you don’t already have such a scheme, it might be time to consider one. You can read up on the details on
  5. Send out reminder emails and posts. If people don’t get around the hitting the ‘donate now’ button when your message first appears, they may forget to do so. So don’t hold back from reminding them!
  6. Run micro-events or other complementary actions around the main event. Host a bake sale, encourage staff to come to work in fancy dress on the big day, or organise a quiz night. There are many creative ways to supplement the funds raised. Charity Auctions Today has lots of creative ideas for you here.
  7. Say, thank you to all your supporters after the event. Make it a group email as a final (subtle) reminder to those who haven’t yet donated that it’s not too late to do so.

Have we missed anything? Please get in touch at or on 020 7092 3911 to share your corporate fundraising experiences with our team. As firm supporters of Centrepoint – the UK charity that raises funds for young homeless people – we are always looking for new ways to raise funds and keep the donations coming.