How to harness the recruitment power of social media

LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram have become a standard part of the world’s personal and business communication toolkit. But what about hiring professionals specifically? Are you plugging into the benefits of social media to help you address your recruitment challenges?


To explore the subject, please pull up a pew and listen to an illuminating podcast hosted by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD). Alternatively, you can discover the key takeouts below.

Thanks to advanced search filters and automated suggestions, social media recruitment connects HR professionals with huge pools of relevant candidates from different backgrounds. This helps you to source higher volumes of great-fit talent and to enhance your D&I strategies. Social media also enables you to gain a fuller-picture understanding of potential candidates at speed, representing significant time savings.

Social hiring goes way beyond using online job sites and boards. It’s becoming increasingly popular among the HR community to extend its reach and build its brand. It empowers companies to regularly communicate with their target audience about their values, corporate responsibility initiatives, work culture, and projects. So even if your audience isn’t actively job hunting when you post, your company will be front of mind when they switch to job-seeking mode.

Blog articles, employee ‘day in the life’ case studies, and photos and video clips of social and team-building events are particularly powerful. Such content enables your employees to spread the word among their networks, further boosting the reach and influence of your posts.

Social platforms enable HR professionals to connect with active and passive candidates on a one-to-one basis and participate in relevant conversations. If you have the resources to do so, this is a great way to establish and nurture relationships.


Clearly, social media offers powerful benefits as part of a recruitment drive for specific roles as well as a general brand awareness tool. Bringing significant time and cost savings to the table, shortening time-to-hire, and improving the diversity of the great-fit candidates who make it to the initial selection stage, it’s no surprise that social hiring is experiencing somewhat of a golden age.


At ABL Recruitment, we firmly believe in the place of social media as part of companies’ wider recruitment programmes. Even more important, we believe, is partnering with an expert, trustworthy recruitment agency such as ours. There are many cost, time, and hiring outcome benefits to doing so. First up, we have vast networks of constantly-refreshed specialist job candidates on our books, many of whom you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. We know who the right people are and, crucially, we also know how to reach them. Social media is just one of a range of effective channels.


Moreover, thanks to bulk discounts on job adverts, the benefits of which we are happy to share with you, promoting your job openings through us is an extremely cost-effective option. If no candidate is hired, no fees will be charged, so it’s a zero-risk proposition.


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