How Employing the Right Language Tutor Could Save Your Sanity!

Why? Because it’s Official: the English Language is MAD

An under-qualified and rather grumpy English language tutor, and an eager but frustrated Chinese student in a house somewhere in north London. They work at the dining table. The clock strikes four.

‘But teacher, I don’t understand?’


‘Why must I say pineapple when it does not contain pine? Why must I say eggplant when it does not contain egg?’

‘Don’t worry about it.’

‘A boxing ring is square. A wise man is smart, but a wise guy is irritating!’

‘I really don’t need this. Why don’t you just-‘

‘An unsung hero is not called a sung hero when his deeds are celebrated! WHY?’

‘Look. Time’s up. Can you just get your Mum and Dad to pay me now?’

‘Aargh! I don’t understand your language! It makes me want to cry! Somebody help me! Someone better than you! You…you…How you say? Nincompoop?!’

Good heavens. Time to tell the poor girl’s parents about the patient and experienced Appointments Bi-Language language tutors, do you think? Qualified language tutors who love what they do, and when it comes to the English language, can explain EVERYTHING?

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Providing professional language tutors of the highest calibre is what Appointments Bi-Language do every day. We are proven as being the best in the industry. On our books we have the cream of the crop: tried and tested, exceptional language tutors who are not only experts, but also friendly, courteous, dedicated and patient. What’s more, we cover over 300 languages, including teachers of Mandarin and Korean, to the more obvious European languages.

Japanese, French, Arabic, Danish… What kind of language teacher or personal tutor are you looking for?!

Masters at Matching the Right Language Tutor with the Right Client

We have years of experience making the right match between language tutor and client. All candidates are screened (with their qualifications, experience and references all thoroughly checked) to ensure you are nothing less than 100 per cent happy with the language tutoring service we provide to your business.

Maybe you seek a brilliant language tutor to teach a small business group. Or perhaps you require individual language tuition to high level individuals seeking to improve their language skills…

Whichever category you fall into, by contacting us today and explaining your specific needs you are taking a giant stride towards finding the perfect language tutor to meet your particular requirements.

With the right language tutor in place, you can then relax, safe in the knowledge that all your language tutoring needs are completely taken care of.

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