Five reasons to up your CSR game

Consumer appetite for corporate responsibility is at an all-time high. Faced with two companies offering products and services for the same price, there’s a much greater chance that we’ll purchase from the company seen to be having a positive effect on society and the environment. Whether your company is looking to enjoy the associated benefits of the trend or wants to help make the world a better place, there is a very good business case for partnering with a charity.


By way of a reminder of the key benefits, please see the below list, as published by Real Business.


  1. Helps define the corporate identity


Partnering with a charity shows the world that your company is ethical and trustworthy. It can also act as a point of difference that enhances your brand image to consumers, the business community and potential new recruits.


  1. Improves PR


Your charity work offers multiple benefits from a PR and marketing perspective. Promoting your charity commitments and actions on your website, in the media and on HR materials boosts goodwill among customers, prospects, employees and the wider business community. It can even act in your favour when it comes to winning business awards.


  1. Enhances employee relations


Many people want to volunteer or fundraise but don’t have the time or confidence to do so. Giving them the opportunity to participate in employer-sponsored activities removes such obstacles. Both they and the charity in question will thank you for it.


  1. Offers team-building opportunities


Fundraising gives employees the chance to work together across departmental walls for a common cause, promoting a greater sense of camaraderie and purpose.


  1. Boosts employee retention


Giving employees a chance to give back also helps to instil a sense of pride in themselves and their organisation thereby boosting employee well-being and retention.


  1. Leads to networking opportunities


Working with a charity gives you access to a powerful network of like-minded business owners and, indirectly, to their business and consumer contacts.


These benefits offer a powerful case for moving your CSR up the corporate agenda. And that’s before we even touch on doing good and giving back to society. That will have to wait for another day. In the meantime, the team at ABL, your trusted recruitment partner, wishes you every success with your CSR and all your programmes.