How and when to test language proficiency in the hiring process

You are well-versed in the valuable skill set that multilingual professionals bring to the workplace. You want to tap into their excellent communication, problem-solving, analytical, and relationship-building skills. As for their creative flair and close attention to detail – yes, please!


Good decision! But now what? If the position you’re recruiting for requires fluent French and Chinese – but you don’t speak either language – what is the best way to test your candidates’ fluency? Some job seekers may overrate their level or perhaps they have a different understanding of ‘fluent’ to you. And just because someone has a degree in a language, they may still fall far short of fluency.


Please read on to discover our top tips on the matter.

  1. Conduct a language test pre-interview

Pre-interview language proficiency tests are one of the most effective ways to filter out candidates whose language skills don’t make the grade. This can be done in the form of a standardised test – such as the TOEFL or IELTS – or a customised test designed specifically for the role that you’re recruiting for. There are companies that focus exclusively on this aspect of the interview process.

  1. Invite a colleague who is fluent (ideally bilingual) in the target language to have an informal conversation with the candidate at the first interview.
  2. Invite a certified foreign language instructor to participate in the interview, putting the candidate’s skills in reading and writing comprehension, verbal communication, grammar, reasoning, and/or relevant vocabulary to the test. Depending on the level of language required by the role, the instructor may just cover a few general conversation topics or simulate likely work scenarios such as customer pitches, including industry-specific terms.


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