Evolving rules for interview etiquette in 2022

It’s a job seeker’s market. The Great Resignation is still in full swing and businesses are responding with higher salaries, greater flexibility and more open discussions at the interview stage about remote work, work/life balance and burnout.


That said, oversharing at an interview is a big no-no, writes Rachel Feintzeig, WSJ’s Work+Life columnist. If you’d like to swot up on evolving interview etiquette, read her article here or check out the highlights below.


– Avoid talking about your personal situation, such as parenting challenges, or your addiction to triathlon training, early in the interview process. If it’s not relevant to the job you’re applying for, don’t put your application at risk by bringing it up.


– Nonetheless, the pandemic has brought flexible working into the limelight so raising this specific point, while not going into detailed explanations, is perfectly acceptable. If your interviewer stays resolutely shtum on the matter, the company is probably not committed to flexible working for the long-term. If the company is transitioning to ‘hoteling’, where workers reserve desks on an as-needed basis, it’s likely their flexible work model is here to stay.


– It’s okay to have the salary conversation early in the interview process. Just be sure to research industry norms for your skillset, experience, role and industry before you bring it up. Let your recruiter mention a figure before you do to be in a strong negotiating position.


– While it’s awkward to ask about staff churn at interview, there are certain burnout red flags to watch out for. These include a sense of desperation to the process (read: incredible speed) and a noticeable over-mentioning of how ‘lean’ the team is. Exhausted-looking, lethargic, flat interviewers are another sure sign that you should grab your jacket and run for the hills.


– Finally, it’s okay to ask about a company’s vaccine or mask policy, but sharing your vaccine status is your personal choice.


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