Hobbies you can do at home

“No man is really happy or safe without a hobby.” – William Osler

Before this pandemic brought everything to a near pause, the problem or rather the excuse used to be that it is difficult to balance your work life with your leisure time, and that is not even including the other responsibilities you have such as your kids/family or your schooling. Now, that you finally have time to do something you want, it can be confusing where to start or spend this coveted free time without breaking the bank.

During this lockdown, hobbies are not only fun but also might even help you earn a little more cash and, maybe, a better shot at getting that desired job position. So why limit yourself just because of the misconception that hobbies have to be expensive. We bring to you a list of hobbies that will not only help you in your personal growth but also can be enjoyed without you growing broke.


1. Reading

Let us begin our list with reading, that is, the exercise for your brain! There are many different benefits of reading including but not limited to: improved memory, increased vocabulary, stress reduction and tranquillity. There is a reading genre for everyone and no matter what your preferences are, there will always be something out there that will capture your interests. Check out all the free books the internet has to offer. Project Gutenberg is a good site for famous older books and Free-E-books is a great place if you’re browsing by genre.

If you want the entire experience with the smell of an old book in the air and the feel of paper on your skin; then just curl up on the sofa with your warmest throw blanket and an extra-large cup of hot chocolate, and lose yourself in a thick novel.


2. Blogging

Now that we covered reading, how about using that hobby for another recreational activity – blogging! Writing a blog is just like writing a diary, just that you are writing that diary for others as well. It is a good way to interact with people and share your ideas regarding subjects you question or are passionate about. If you have a passion or if you need a space to rant, creating a blog is a great option that you do not need to spend hardly any money on. Instead, you might end up earning money through this hobby. You heard us right, you can make money writing about stuff you love! Affiliates may pay you to mention their brand on your website or in your blog. For example, if you enjoy writing about local restaurants in your area, a new local restaurant may have you try their food and write about it for publicity. Sites such as WordPress make it easy and affordable to create your own blog and get started.


3. Learn an Instrument or language

Nowadays learning an instrument or language is easier than ever as there are seemingly endless amounts of instructional videos on YouTube for just about any instrument or language you can think of. While there is the initial cost of buying an instrument, there are very few costs after that! Look for sites that are good for buying quality instruments fairly cheap. Learning an instrument can keep you busy, provide endless entertainment, and give you a sense of accomplishment when you start learning and getting better.


4. Cooking

Cooking is a great hobby since not only can it be enjoyable, but also contributes towards you saving money. Cooking at home is often cheaper than eating out and there is a sense of pride that comes with successfully making your own delicious food. Sites like allrecipes.com make it easy to follow recipes with their massive collection of different dishes you can make. Check out their collection of recipes for cooking on a budget.


Utilize this time to learn something new, to improve yourself and, sometimes, just unwind. There are many hobbies that we have not even mentioned in this very short list that you can also take up. Tackle each hobby head-on and try new things. You might surprise yourself and may even find your new calling.


ABL Recruitment team